TO BECOME A SHOE GUY: Follow these easy steps to sign up to be a Shoe Guy at Wine Women & Shoes!
  1. Please click here to complete the Shoe Guy form and CrowdRise personal page.
  2. Already raised your minimum $100 donation for Forensic Nursing? Have fun competing with other Shoe Guys for the title of "Super Shoe Guy". The Shoe Guy who raises the most by October 7 2018, will be recognized on stage at the event and awarded the title of “Super Shoe Guy” ($100 minimum donation required).
TO DONATE TO A SHOE GUY: Are you already a Shoe Guy or looking to donate to one? Please click here to reach our CrowdRise Super Shoe Guy fundraising page!

  • Day of Event: Remind the guests that 20% of sales goes back to Bon Secours and encourage guests to “shop for the cause”
  • Represent the vendor/winery/brewery/area/job to which they are assigned: i.e. carry shoes or jewelry on a tray and promote sales, sell raffle tickets, and promote silent and live auction lots
  • Encourage the guests to try their favorite wines from visiting vintners
  • Make the attendees feel special by complimenting their shoes and filling their wine glasses
  • Distribute swag bags
  • Invite community notables to be Shoe Guys
  • Other duties as assigned  
Dress: Black trousers (no denim please). Shoes or boots. A Shoe Guys T-Shirt will be provided to you.

For more information please contact Rachel Wallace at 804-281-8012 or