Yan Can Cook Package

Yan Can Cook Package

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Learn to chef like the Master Chef Martin Yan!

Take your culinary skills to the next level with "Martin Yan's Quick and Easy" cookbook, an ideal introduction volume for every lover of Asian cuisine. It comes with a wok full of great cooking tips and wisdom, with more than 150 easy, 30-minute, Pan-Asian recipes.

Take your skills to the next level with "Martin Yan's China" – a beautifully crafted volume that brings China's culinary beauty to your dining table. Enjoy page after page of colorful dishes, breathtaking photographs, and fascinating stories about the history and culture of China.

Use Chef Yan's Personal Kitchen Knife and Professional Master Chef Knife as you try your new kitchen skills.  Look the part while wearing your own Chef Yan's Personal Chef Jacket!!

Also includes:  Chef Martin Yan’s Signature Scissors, a set of Yan Can Cook Chopsticks, and a multipurpose stir-fry pan
Donated By: Yan Can Cook
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