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About Pasaporte A La Educación


The Hispanic community is the youngest demographic in the U.S. and continues to be the fastest-growing segment of the labor force. This demographic is challenged with the highest dropout rate putting Hispanic students at risk for larger income gaps, higher unemployment rates, living at poverty level and leading less healthy lifestyles than students completing degree programs.

The Pasaporte A La Educación Programs directly address hurdles that many Hispanic students are faced with. The programs are organized in a caring, culturally relevant and effective way designed to ultimately level the playing field for Hispanic Youth in the future workforce. We believe that children who are engaged in their education ultimately become more active contributors not only within their own families but to the economies of their communities both local and at large.

We achieve measurable success through providing:

• Bilingual educational website and web portal.

• “Familia” Style Bilingual Leadership Mentoring & Yoga Programs.

• Fun and interactive leadership lessons on setting goals, decision making, time management, and achieving success.

• Accessible workshops on topics regarding sustainable jobs of the future, scholarships, financial aid and standardized testing.

• Resource Connection to universities/colleges, corporations, nonprofit organizations, science and research centers, arts and music centers, medical professions and other industry professions.

• Access to information on applying for scholarships and navigating the FAFSA form.

• Guidance on the college application process including application essay writing.

• Assistance from trained mentors for families and students in deciding on a college that is right for them.

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