There are two ways to obtain your item.
• Check-out will begin after the auction closes at 10:15 pm and remain open until 11:15 pm.
• Winners are expected to pay for items during check- out hours and are asked to take items before leaving the premises. We accept cash, personal check payable to Coast Episcopal School, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

• If you have left the event prior to the auction closing, a committee member will contact you using the telephone number in our system starting Monday after the party. Please, keep in mind that sometimes it takes a few days to contact all the bidders.

The Classroom Art Committee takes great care of the precious projects created by our students; however, we cannot be responsible for any items that are lost or damaged after the event. For this reason, we strenuously suggest that you claim your item at the event if at all possible. If you have paid for your item but fail to retrieve the item at the time of payment, we will not be able to refund your money for any lost or damaged items.