St. Rita Spring Auction
Frequently Asked Questions

What is a $partan $hindig?
These are THE social events of the SRS season! $partan $hindigs are fun social events that are themed, organized and hosted by parents and friends of SRS.   Some Shindigs are for adults, some for the kids.  Parents do not have to attend the kids shindigs and any age restrictions are listed.  You do not need to know anyone going – just sign up and come have fun. There is a limited number of tickets and the spaces sell on a first to buy basis until all the spots for that Shindig are sold.  These rip-roarin’ good times go quickly so you’ve got to be quick on the draw! Get your tickets when Online Auction goes live at 8:00 AM, Monday January 28th, because these parties sell out in seconds!  Don’t be left in the dust and let others get these tickets before you!

What is a Teacher Experience?
The teacher experiences are special offerings that each teacher is donating.  Whether it be “teacher for the day”, an outing, or a special coupon book.  These are HOT, HOT, HOT! Bid all you want until it closes….winners will be decided at the closing bell of the auction at 10:00 PM SHARP!!

Where Can I Find Reserved Seating Offerings?
These are located under Teacher Experiences.  Items like reserved Christmas Program, Talent Show, Spring Fling and 8th Grade Play. You won’t want to miss out on these front row seats!

What is the Birthday Marquee?
You know your children wants to see their names in lights!  This is how it is done!  Buy the week (or week before or after) of your child’s birthday and we will display it on the Marquee that is outside of Sweeney Hall.  If your child has a summer birthday, no worries – you can buy a spot to celebrate their half birthday instead.  So fun and a great way to celebrate your child’s big day!  Only 3 spots are available each week and are first come first serve, so purchase yours early before they fill up!

What is a Class Gift?
Who doesn’t love artwork created by their child? The PreK-2nd grade kids create the art and then we put them on an item for you to enjoy.  Each grade has something different.  These items make great gifts for yourself, grandparents and others!  

How can we register to bid on items for the Auction?
Online Auction Registration Instructions can be found at:

How do I bid on items in the Auction?
Our Auction starts online on January 28th at 8:00 AM CST.  You should register before that time is you did not already register for the Fall Auction so that you can bid right away.  Some items go "on sale" meaning there are a limited number of spots or tickets and once those are gone, they are gone!  Each ticket in these items sells at the set price shown.   The Auction will end at 10:00 PM sharp on Thursday, January 31st.  In prior years, if there was bidding in the final two minutes, the auction would automatically extend - but that is not the case this year.  The auction is over, no matter what, at 10:00 PM.

Understanding Max Bids for Your Silent Auction
Would you like to be an active bidder without having to respond to each outbid notification? Are you especially interested in winning a particular auction item? Consider setting a Max Bid! Maximum Bids are the hands-off way to participate in a silent auction. Like Ebay, this function allows you (or your most dedicated donors!) to dictate the most you’re willing to pay for an item and then allow the system to bid on your behalf until that threshold is reached in the designated bidding window, if ever. Pull up the item you have your eye and on select Change bid amount or set a maximum bid. Enter the utmost amount you’re willing to pay for the item in the Bid Amount field. Select Yes under Set As Maximum Bid.  Click [ Bid $] with the designated Maximum Bid amount. That’s all it takes! Once a bidder has set a Maximum Bid on the item, s/he’ll see the system make the Next Bid on his or her behalf. It will remain this way until someone else tries to bid on that item. For instance, if the current bid is $25 and you enter a maximum bid of $200 the system would continue to bid for you bidder until another bidder exceeds your $2000 Maximum Bid.  The auction company assures us that they have yet to see two Maximum Bids entered at the same time for the exact same amount. That said, we do understand why the situation may be of concern so please rest assured that the system processes each Max Bid one at a time and at an incredibly fast rate. Max Bids will queue up one in front of the other as submitted.  As such, the first Max Bid to be entered, even at milliseconds before the other, will be considered first and
thereby the leading Maximum Bid. The second Max Bid at the same amount would no longer be viable.  

What does Parents Club support?
The Parents Club supports our children and teachers by chairing and funding multiple school initiatives and activities such as Back to School Picnic, Field Day, Grandparents Day, Fall Auction Party, Spring Online Auction, the Spartan Store, Get High on Life drug abuse prevention program, Catholic Schools Week, Newcomers Events, Bak to School Parent Nights, and teacher appreciation. 

Where do the funds go?
Last year, Parents Club was glad to support an online math curriculum, technology funds, new Pre-K Classroom furnishings, restorative discipline program, and funds toward the second phase of the Sweeney Hall renovation: theater sound equipment.  This year, Parents Club continues its mission to support new Chromebooks for the middle school students in grades 5-8, as well as other initiatives by the administration to enhance academic programs. With your support of the online auction, all proceeds go directly toward the benefit of St. Rita Catholic School.