Presenting the

Spirit of Hope 2018 Honorees

Jayme Stevenson
First Selectman, Darien

Jayme Stevenson understands the opioid and mental health crisis as a citizen and as a town executive. She believes that all residents of Fairfield County deserve the best treatment available and shares Liberation Programs’ belief that we could stem the deadly outcomes of the opioid crisis by increasing access to effective treatment.


Reyno A. Giallongo, Jr.
Chairman & CEO, First County Bank

Reyno A. Giallongo, Jr. is a Stamford-based banking executive with the heart of a philanthropist. A busy corporate leader by day, Rey chooses to share his downtime with dozens of organizations as a hands-on volunteer and dedicated board member. 


Michael Askew
Manager, Bridgeport  Recovery Community Center

Michael Askew has devoted his life to saving people. Through his selfless service as a Recovery Advocate, Michael brings light and hope into the lives of people suffering from addiction – and his dedication has made him a leader in Connecticut’s recovery community.