Kathy and Chuck Adams
Virginia and Austin Beutner

Melinda and Dan Berman
Deepthi and Patrick Brown

Gina Bettinsoli and Andrew Woo
Suzanne and Rob Lowe
Sandy Sigal, Allison Binder and NewMark Merrill Companies 

Michael Blend
Michael Fitzpatrick and Felicity Fitzpatrick Baskin
Kristi and Brian Temple 

Debbie and Michael Dempsey
Joan and Mark Douglas
Jacqueline and James Hassett 
Stacey and Steve Henning
Laura and Steve Lee
Kim and Tim Gorry
Luisa and Gary Romoff
Marcia and Kacy Rozelle
Merrie Mac and Bleecker Seaman
Torrie and Steven Stokdyk
Gretchen Garrett Valentine

Aimee and Sam Bakhshandehpour
Candace and John Beaver
Colleen and Steve Bellitti
Donald Bizub
Courtney and Marty Caverly
Helene and Peter Dameris
Ceci and Randall Dean
Denise Desantis
James and Kirsten Ellis
Jennifer and Tom Everhart
Joseph Gardner
Lisa and Andrew Goldman
Julie Guest and Spencer White
Nicole and Matthew Homme
Sarah Jessup
Courtney and Blake Johnson
Daniel and Leslie Johnson
Anita and Richard Keech
Tina and James Kenefick
Ann and Josh Kline
Cathy and Peter Longo
John Maceri and Ray Grutzmacher
Lucinda and Gregory Mariscal 
Lia and Murray Markiles
Michael and Michelle O'Brien
Catherine and Eugene Ohr
Rita O’Neill and Richard Gosman
Kerrie and Perry Richards
Beatriz and Erik Ridgley
Carleen and Bryant Riley 
Tracy and Michael Rossi
Staci and Michael Rubin
Paulette and Tommy Ryan
Marsha and Michael Scimo
Julie and Gregg Seltzer
Julia Sibley
Howard Spunt
Eliza and Tim Smith
Betsy Smith and Mike Starratt
Amanda and Rick Toland
Beatriz Torrado-Ridgley
Yvette and Bruce Van Dalsem
Lizzie and Ben Widhelm