Our College Scholarships Can Change Lives...Forever

Many of our scholarship recipients are first in their family to attend college. These students have the drive and determination to succeed in college but not financial means to afford it. YOUR support of our 2018 SPRING GALA will make college possible for local Alexandria students in need.

Since 1986 we have been working with local businesses, community leaders and scholarship champions like YOU to help ensure that ALL Alexandria students have a chance at attending college.  Over the past three decades we have helped send more than 4,500 local students to college and awarded more than $14.5 million in college aid.  Please visit our website to learn more about the students we serve:  https://www.alexscholarshipfund.org

T.C. Williams High School, Alexandria's only public high school, provides an extensive college preparatory curriculum for a socioeconomically diverse student body that includes a high percentage of students from low-income homes. (64% of its students qualify for free and reduced-price lunch.) At the end of the day, many T.C. graduates are academically prepared for college but lack the financial resources to afford the tuition costs. For many of these students, being awarded an SFA scholarship makes it possible to pursue college and gives them the double boost of community support and a vote of confidence. These hard working students have the raw materials to succeed but need the extra support, both financial and emotional, that comes from winning a scholarship.

The scholarships we provide are a fantastic way for the Alexandria community to support students in need Just one college scholarship can provide a local student and their family financial independence and success for generations to come.  Purchasing a ticket to our Spring Benefit Gala, becoming a Gala Sponsor or Donating an Item is virtually the same as writing a college tuition check for an ACPS student in need.

Who are the kids who benefit from scholarships? Notes from Scholarship Application Reading Day:

"A French-speaking student from Africa arrived without knowing English, her second language still evident in her writing style, left a school where she was whipped for not completing her assignments. She arrived in the U.S. and spent her first two years barely aware of school. Despite these challenges she still graduated with a 3.0+ GPA."

"Another student* described his early need for independence because his mother suffered a debilitating illness. His way of coping was to throw himself into activities and sports and basically raise himself. His final GPA was phenomenally high."

"A Latino student* lived in Texas with his mom and abusive father, was left by his mother with the abusive father and eventually was brought to Alexandria to join T.C. He also achieved a 3.0+ GPA."

These were three random applications I was handed to read. I was amazed by the resilience of the applicants. I have goose bumps just talking about it
-- Comments/Notes from A volunteer who read SFA scholarship applications

Your generosity makes it possible for our kids to continue their education and improve their lives and our community.

Thank YOU for Helping The Scholarship Fund Change the Lives of Alexandria's Neediest Students!  Please Go to our Website for more information https://www.alexscholarshipfund.org