The $10,000 Raffle!

Can you believe it?  The Foodie Fest Reverse Raffle is BACK!  It is unique!  It is exciting!  And the fun goes all weekend long!  Here is how it works!

Between now and October 26, purchase your 2017 Reverse Raffle Tickets here on this website.  Paper checks and cash can also be accepted at the School and Parish Offices. 

400 chances only will be sold... so each chance is a guaranteed 1/400 chance at winning $10,000!!!!

Starting at 6:00 PM at the Alumni Booth, we will start pulling numbered doubloons.  Unlike a traditional raffle, you do NOT want your number called.  If your number is called, you are OUT of the running for the $10,000.  You can also catch all of raffle pulls live on Facebook through the school's Facebook page.

But WAIT... there's more!  In addition to the raffle doubloons, there are also special kicker doubloons.  If a kicker is pulled, then the next number pulled wins the prize of the kicker.  Kickers can include prizes, gift certificates, and cash... but the kickers you REALLY want are the "Second Chance Kicker" (we put your number back in the hopper) and the "Top Ten Kicker" (yes... your number will be placed back in the hopper when we reach the final ten numbers... and your 1/400 shot just became a guaranteed 1/10 shot!).

We will pull numbers from the alumni booth until the FINAL HOUR of the fair.  That's when the owners of the last ten raffle chances will go up on stage... and the fun starts.  We will pull the first number... and that person is out.  Then the owners of the remaining nine numbers will decide if they want to pull another number... or split the winnings.  All must agree to split... otherwise we keep pulling.  

Will there be a split, or will we go until the last number?   You have to be there to see.

The proceeds from the Raffle benefit St. Benilde Parish & School.  Proceeds from the past raffles have helped us enhance our facilities to improve safety and security.