Donate your child's sleepaway or day camp tuition fee in support of Project Morry and transformational summer camp experiences for 400 youth from under-resourced communities each year.

Parents have the opportunity to bid on a summer camp tuition to be redeemed at whichever camp the child of the winning bidder attends.  The winning bidder will support an amazing cause, receive a tax deduction for their generous donation, AND receive a full summer of camp!  

The Project Morry Summer  Camp Tuition on-line auction, is redeemed through your child's camp! 
Participating Day Camps:  Breezemont Day Camp, Coleman Country Day Camp, Crestwood Day Camp, Elmwood Day Camp, Gate Hill Day Camp, Ivy League Day Camp, Mount Tom Day Camp, Pierce Country Day Camp, Camp Ramaquois, Summer Trails Day Camp and Woodmont Day Camp.

Participating Sleepaway Camps: Brant Lake Camp, Camp Chipinaw, Camp Danbee, Camp Echo Lake, Camp IHC, Iroquois Springs, Camps Kenwood and Evergreen, Camp Towanda, Camp Walden, Camp Walt Whitman, Camp Wayne for Boys, Camp Wayne for Girls and Camp Winadu.

The "Summer Sleep Away Camp Tuition" winner must have a child enrolled in one of the participating camps. The winning bidder's name will be confirmed with the camp. Any payments already made toward a 2019 tuition will be refunded by your child's camp. The winning bid is for one child's full season, all inclusive.

​Project Morry provides year-round academic enrichment, leadership development, and life changing summer camp experiences to 400 children each year from under-resourced communities.  As proud supporters of Project Morry, we believe that changing kids’ lives, changes ours too.  To learn more about Project Morry, visit their website at