Online Preregistration - Express Check In
Guests must purchase a ticket or sponsorship to participate in the auction. Expedite your check in by preregistering on our 501 auction site with the form of payment you wish to use before the Auction begins.  At check in, you will receive a Live Auction Catalog that also includes your bid number. EVERYONE needs a bid number in order to participate in the silent and live auctions as well as additional event activities (wine pull, gift card grab, etc.). 

Silent Auction
Electronic bidding is designed by 501 Auctions.  At Picasso Pets, all bidding will be conducted via smart phone or tablet. There will be trained assistants at the event to facilitate use of smart phone or tablet bidding, as well as support staff from 501 Auctions with iPads who can assist with troubleshooting during the event.    

The screen display will show the item name, description and current highest bid.  Each increase in bid price must be equal to or exceed the minimum increase figure stated. Any bid below the set minimum bid will not be accepted.  

If an incorrect bid is entered by accident during the night of the event, please visit the Registration Area where you checked-in so that adjustments may be made.  501 Auctions' technicians will be monitoring bidding through the evening and can flag unusual bids quickly.

At the close of the Auction, the highest bid for each item will by recorded by 501 Auctions and will constitute a winning bid.  Electronic receipts will be available immediately to the bidder for reference.  

Live Auction
Live auction items will be on display for viewing during the silent auction at Picasso Pets. Carefully review all restrictions, limitations and rules prior to bidding.

To bid, raise your bid number high to attract the attention of the Auctioneer. Each bid obligates the bidder to pay the bid price if the bid is deemed the high bid when the item is sold.

Purchase of Auction Items
You will receive an invoice for the items you purchase and payment in full is mandatory the night of the event. Hand in Paw is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and any amount paid in excess of an item’s fair market value may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.  Purchasers should consult their tax advisors to determine the tax deductibility of gifts and for further details. 

Auction Item Pickup/Delivery
All items you win can be taken with you the night of the event. Staff will be on hand to assist and confirm your purchases. If you are unable to transport your winnings the night of the event, shipping arrangements can be made. Any required shipping costs of tangible items will be the responsibility of the winning bidder.

Conditions of Sale
All sales are final.  There will be no exchanges or refunds on items.  All items have been donated to the Auction and are sold by the Auction, not by the donor.  Read the following specifications and limitations carefully.

Item descriptions and dollar values are estimates provided by the donor and are not warranted by Hand in Paw, nor C King Benefit Auctions, for any purpose including tax benefits or fair market value. By participating in the Auction, each bidder recognizes and agrees that neither Hand in Paw, nor C King Benefit Auctions, nor any individual donor, shall be liable for any occurrence resulting from the purchase, ownership, use or enjoyment of auctioned items and services. All items and property are sold "as is" subject to the conditions and restrictions stipulated by the donors. Item descriptions from the donors are not warranted by Hand in Paw nor C King Benefit Auctions.  All exact dates and other details concerning stays in hotels, condos or private homes must be arranged directly with the donor unless otherwise noted.

All bidding will be as designated by the Auctioneer and all decisions of the Auctioneer are final. The Auctioneer reserves the right to add or withdraw, without notice, items to or from the auction. Hand in Paw and C King Benefit Auctions thank you for attending Picasso Pets.