Check back soon for 2018 EE Champions headshots and bios!

The EE Champions Campaign recognizes and applauds young professional leaders helping to make a difference in the mission to cure CF. Nominated in recognition of their philanthropic spirit, the 2018 EE Champions are asked to leverage their individual networks to meet a fundraising goal of $1,500 each by the Evening with Emily’s Entourage gala on December 1, 2018. At the gala, the EE Champions are recognized for their efforts and the top fundraiser goes home with the award for the 2018 EE Champion-Of-The-Year!

Champions sign up individually or as partners or teams. There have been husbands and wives, best friends and siblings as Champion teams. You can also partner with sports teams, sororities and fraternities, classes, companies, or co-workers to raise money as a group. Above all, being a Champion is about commitment to making a difference and the belief that changing the world is up to each one of us.
For more information about the Champions Campaign, please email