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Make a 100% tax deductible donation to support Pacific House! See what your donation can do below! 
  • A haircut for a YA $20
  • 31 day bus pass  $63
  • A single mattress for a YA $135
  • School lunch for one YA for a month $160 
  • “Stay healthy Fund” for a YA for a month (physical exam, dentist visit, personal hygiene items, etc.) $220
  • A single twin bed for a YA   $260
  • “Stay in School fund” for one YA for one month (Food, books, bus, clothing, etc.) $320
  • Extra-large youth wardrobe locker (Holds all of YA’s belongings) $500
  • Participation for a YA in recovery program $750
  • Fund the entire YA program for a day (case worker, computer lab, interview training, job placement, etc. $1,500
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