Life’s WORC supports individuals with intellectual challenges, developmental disabilities & autism. We maintain 40 homes in Manhattan, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties and 12 non-residential programs providing services and support to over 1,700 individuals. And the Life’s WORC Family Center for Autism offers 7 day a week programs and support services for individuals on the spectrum and their family members.  Our mission is to enable individuals to achieve their personal best no matter what their abilities or challenges. Other Life’s WORC programs include at home support, skills development and behavioral intervention, social recreation, vocational training and collaborative school linkage programs in Long Island and NYC school districts for individuals needing applied behavior analysis intervention.  In addition to providing quality support services to a special population, Life’s WORC is also known for its efficiency.  In fact, as noted in our most recent audited financial report, 90 percent of the money received by life’s WORC is spent directly on the people we support.