About Kids & Art

Our mission is about empowerment, encouragement and creating memorable experiences. We pair children who are touched by cancer with local artists. Together they create magic. We focus on the Now by supporting the whole child and the whole family with our regular art sessions. These workshops are open to the child in treatment, accompanied by their siblings, close friends and members of their care circles. We walk with these children and families while they go through the hardships of diagnosis, treatment, side effects, and, in some cases, bereavement. Our founder has walls full of beautiful art made by her son who passed away almost four years ago. Our hope is that Kids & Art will create healing, bring peace and create beautiful, lasting memories for every family living with pediatric cancer. 


We strive to brighten the hearts of others and work to unlock the healing potential of their imagination, bring about empowerment, and make a difference through our art workshops.  Whatever your goals—however little time you might have—there are several ways that you can empower us at Kids & Art. To begin, your participation in our annual fundraising effort, Le Cirque de la Vie, will help sustain us throughout our upcoming workshop season so we can commit to keep doing what we are here to do: craft, paint, make a mess, and make an artist out of a child regardless of the battles they're fighting in real life. 


Why is my story important or different from anyone else's? Because I am a mom whose child was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three. My voice and experience are relevant here because I'm a mom who also lost a beautiful child to cancer. After six years of on again and off again treatment and a chemo-induced relapse, we lost him. I know that once the family gets the diagnosis, just how their lives are transformed and turned upside down. I know that it is hard for the child's caregivers to focus on themselves. I also know that when I saw how my son, Amaey, felt relief and peace from doing art in his hospital room, whether it was during short or long stays for chemo, that when he played his keyboard and created music, it was then that I realized the power of art. I realized what art did for him. It gave him a chance to escape and create a life he liked. For him, cancer was an inconvenience, but art was an escape, into a world he controlled and created.