Fund A Need: The Pro Bono Project’s Adoption Program

Fund A Need: The Pro Bono Project’s Adoption Program

New this year to the Live Auction is a crowdfunding segment that lets everyone get in on the auction action with auctioneer John Calhoun! Reserve your paddle and be ready to help us fund our expanding Adoption Program.


The Pro Bono Project sees a growing need in Louisiana for pro bonoadoption work. More and more grandparents - and other older relatives - are suddenly finding themselves caring for a child of another family member. While the arrangement often starts out as a temporary situation, it quickly becomes more permanent and pressing legal needs follow shortly after that.


Grandparents find themselves explaining to schools, day-cares and doctor's offices that they are caring for their grandchild, which usually leads to questions about paperwork and authorization for medical decisions. The Project is happy to step in and provide these families with pro bono volunteer lawyers who can secure custody orders, and go through the court process to formalize adoptions.  


Our first ever Fund-A-Need will bring in donations to support our adoption work. Even a $20 pledge will help us out. Please join us at the Ball on September 15th to hear more about a recent family from St. Bernard Parish that we represented successfully on the adoption of their 6-year-old grandson.    


We don't want to turn anyone away who needs an adoption. It is a life-changing experience for the child to become part of a forever home. And it's important for the grandparents, who are stepping into this parenting role, to get the legal tools and community recognition they deserve, as parents of the child.

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