Mahalo to our Sponsors for all of your support! 
Here are our 2019 Gala Sponsors!
 Bird of Paradise Sponsors

Ronnie and Gwen Briggs
The Hammer Family

 Hibiscus Sponsors

Shannon and Jerry Daigle 
Father Doug Doussan
Clancy and Margo DuBos
Cathy and Don Espenan

Goldring Family Foundation
G-Eazy's Endless Summer Fund
Hancock Whitney Bank
Drs. Anand and Maya Irimpen

J. Edgar Monroe Foundation
Lynn and Drew Marsh
Gary and Martha Solomon/ Crescent Bank

Anna and Richard Tompson
Loretta Whyte

Ginger Sponsors

M. Nan Alessandra
Dr. Moises Arriaga
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Avin/Stuart Hall School for Boys
John and Lynne Combe
Drs. Clay and Bonnie Boyd
Paul D. Connick, Jr. 
Dr. Peter and Karen DeBlieux
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Ellis
Sheriff Marlin Gusman
Dan and Jean Jens
Pat and Greg Kahn
Sheldon Lykes
Reiling Family Foundation/Mary Beth & David Mettz
Terri Romano
Stephen and Keenen Romig
Patricia Judice Ruckstuhl Famil
Rosemary G. Ryan

 Palm Sponsors

Mary Baudouin and Tom Fitzgerald 
Jarret and Meghan Brashear
Sheryl Brown
Bill and Elise Brundige
Linda and Ralph Capitelli
Drs. Leslie and George Chimento
Andree and David Code
John and Lynne Combe
Stan and Isabel Cowley
Jack and Denise Currault
Susan and Raymond DeCorte
Jo Ann Dunn
Kathryn and Billy Fitzpatrick
Gregory Scott and Eugenie Fontenot
Grit's Bar
Anne  D. Guste
Mrs. William J. Guste, Jr. 
Sharon and Curt Hearn
Jubi and Jeannie Hillery
Irish Channel St. Patrick's Day Club
Cris and Ann Marie Jackson
Jesuits Central & Southern Province
Vicki Judice and John Koeferl
Charles LaCour
Mr. and Mrs. Owen J. LaCour, Sr.
Wally Landry
Loyola Jesuit Community
Mary Jane Maggiore
Bobby Major, Jr.
Dick and Donna Marino
Indie and Donald McKay
Drs. John and Peggy Moffatt
Juan and Jennifer Molina
Brenda and Mel Morrell
Dr. Theresa Nuttli and Eugene Flores
Stephen and Katie Perrien
David Prados

Mark and Mary Ripple
John Ruckert
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Sander
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Saux
Paul Schaetzle
John and Tracey Schiro
Craig Silva
Judge Henry G. Sullivan, Jr.
Dr. Ken and Betty Tedesco
Jim and Mary Temple Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Tonti
Richard and Julie Vanderbrook
Dr. and Mrs. Roland Waguespack, III
Dianne and Taylor Walet
Dr. Susan Weishar and Brad Dude

William and Lauren Wightkin
Mike and Carmie Winters
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zuppardo