Homeward Bound 2018 was our most successful yet!

Thank you to everyone that helped make this evening one filled with love, laughter, music, and philanthropy!

We look forward to seeing you at December 5, 2019! 

BECAUSE OF YOU families from throughout the region are able to rise from crisis to sustainable independence.


Here's the story of Casey, a single father who entered our program one week after Homeward Bound 2017 and in just five months he saved $5300 and increased his net income by 150%. YOU made this possible.  

“Family Promise allowed me to make decisions for me and for my daughter in our best interests, not what other people felt that I should be doing, but concrete steps to a brighter future.  The support and encouragement that I received allowed me to learn to make decisions and plans that work for my family.  I learned good, life-long financial habits, including the value of setting aside money out of sight in a separate account so you’re not tempted to spend it. I loved the support and community. There was always someone around when you needed it.”