Summer at Grayson:  A Mission to Mars

Summer at Grayson: A Mission to Mars

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Collaborate with fellow scientists on this project-based learning adventure to overcome the perils of space travel and reach Mars. We will launch rockets, design and construct a space station, engineer a Martian rover, conduct space-based experiments, cultivate a hydroponic garden, and even train for your mission like an astronaut.

Our Grayson teachers understand the intellectual curiosity of all gifted children, and plan an exciting array of activities that challenge high-ability learners to think critically, ask and answer difficult questions, solve problems to stretch their minds, have fun, and make new friends! Choose from either week of June 24 for ages 5-8 (elementary-focused activities) and ages 9-12 (middle school-focused activities) or week of August 5 for ages 9-12 (middle school-focused activities).
Donated By: The Grayson School