Frank J. Leto
Frank Leto is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Bryn Mawr Bank Corporation, parent company of wholly-owned subsidiary Bryn Mawr Trust, the region’s premier independent financial services company. Prior to his current position, Mr. Leto served as an Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Bryn Mawr Trust.
In addition to being an avid supporter of The Grayson School since our beginning, Mr. Leto has always been a firm believer in the opportunities education provides individuals, families, and communities.



Jerry L. Johnson

Jerry Johnson is President and CEO of Axum Advisors, LLC.  Mr. Johnson has championed gifted education from coast to coast for nearly 50 years through his work in school counseling, federal grant research, state boards of education, university boards of trustees, and specialized schools for the gifted. Mr. Johnson was our 2017 GROW Gala Honoree, and we are very grateful for his generosity in establishing an eponymous 5-year scholarship award for a student in need at Grayson.                         

Albert B. Murphy, III  ‚Äč

Al Murphy is Senior Vice President, Head of the Private Bank at Bryn Mawr Trust. Forming long-lasting relationships with his clients has been the most rewarding aspect of Mr. Murphy's more than 35-year career in the financial services industry. As a native of Suburban Philadelphia, he believes in contributing to his community. He is the Chair of the Investment Committee of the Community College of Philadelphia Foundation and supports the Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Murphy serves on Radnor Township Boards and on the Finance Committee of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Radnor, PA.                                                                                               


Our mission is to offer gifted children an individualized, accelerated education worthy of their intellect and their intrinsic desire to learn and think deeply. The Grayson School will be a valued resource for the gifted education community in Philadelphia and nationwide.

The Grayson School is Pennsylvania’s only independent school offering an accelerated academic program created specifically for gifted learners.  Our innovative, research-based curriculum provides challenging academics, project-based learning, enrichment, and individualized pacing in a safe and nurturing environment for students in grades Pre-K through 12.

At Grayson, we are passionate about helping gifted students find a place where they can be challenged and have a chance to grow — opportunities they may not have elsewhere.  Not all gifted children are the same, and we know that they need different things from school: high-ability learners need to be able to progress at their own pace and at their own level, and they benefit from interaction with both intellectual and social peers.


To deliver such a rich and varied array of educational opportunities, Grayson’s faculty members are flexible and creative, experienced in the classroom, experts in their subject areas, and well-versed in the needs—both emotional and intellectual—of gifted children. Our faculty and staff have extensive, ongoing professional development requirements each year in understanding and nurturing the academic, social and emotional development of gifted children, and can appropriately support their needs.

We are deeply committed to providing the best possible educational environment for gifted students. The Grayson Research Advisory Board is comprised of researchers who are luminaries in gifted education and align with our mission; these thought leaders in high-ability learning support programming are available to us for consultation and professional development. Grayson is supported by the efforts of its Executive Board of Directors, whose members are passionate supporters of gifted children and their education as well as being prominent community members in the greater Philadelphia area.


We  recognize that exceptional ability knows no boundaries, yet that inequitable access to resources may prevent gifted students who are disadvantaged from reaching their potential. Providing adequate and appropriate resources, and identifying and meeting the needs of all our students is central to our mission.

Maintaining a diverse community across dimensions is a priority, and we believe that diversity and equity are essential aspects of providing an optimal education for gifted students.  We utilize research-based curriculum and pedagogical strategies to integrate these tenets into the foundation of the programming of our school. Through culturally responsive instruction and ongoing opportunities for interaction with diverse peers, both within school and the broader community, a Grayson education will promote the citizenship development, social awareness, complexity of thinking, and communication skills essential for our students to thrive in an increasingly multicultural nation and global economy.