Everyone struggles. You, your friends and family, your neighbors… At different points in our lives, we all encounter challenges. Whether it is an unexpected pregnancy, behavioral issues with our kids, divorce, our personal mental health, or any number of other situations, Family Services is here.

Finding the strength to fight for yourself through those tough times, even with loving, supportive family and friends, is difficult. It is even harder alone.

At Family Services, one of our primary goals is to help people build their own personal support system. Because of you, we are here to remind every child, family, and individual that they are worth fighting for. That there is hope for a brighter future.

Today, we have 36 programs that coach new parents, teach self-reliance and independent living skills to youth, counsel those with mental health issues, reunite families, and more. For the last 118 years, we have protected, healed, and cared for our community.

With your support, we help over 18,000 people each year in 14 counties across Northeast Wisconsin. We can only have this impact with you by our side

Services include:
- Early Childhood Development
- At-Risk Youth Programs
- Crisis & Counseling Services

Visit our web site at for program information and additional details.

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