Most of the resource support for Vail Mountain Rescue Group (VMRG) comes from public entities such as the Eagle County Sheriff's Department and the Paramedic Service in addition to the National Guard High Altitude Training group in Gypsum.  Funding for the remaining resource expenses, primarily equipment and training, have historically been raised through the efforts of the volunteer rescue team.   

Representative cost of equipment support needed to be replaced or maintained over time: 
  • Truck                                           $75,000
  • Snow Machine                            $10,000
  • ATV                                              $10,000
  • Water Rescue Raft                       $ 4,000
  • Radio Base Station                      $ 3,500
  • Hand Held Radio                         $ 2,000
  • Heli Rescue Gear per person:      $2,000 
  • VHF Hand Radio                            $ 750
  • Titanium Litter                             $ 2,000
  • Dry Suit for Water Rescue             $ 700
  • Hypo Bag to warm patient            $ 500
  • 4 Helmets                                      $ 300
  • Head Lamp                                      $ 75

Cost of Training:
Training expenses in 2018 will be about $10,000 for outside specialty trainers.

Nature of support from State fishing and hunting licenses:
Insignificant funding comes from State fishing and hunting licenses or CORSAR card purchases.  Those revenues are allocated to county sheriffs for extraordinary search and rescue costs, not for regular operating expenses.