"Gorilla" by NYC Artist Jason Oliva

"Gorilla" by NYC Artist Jason Oliva

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"I am a painter. I make art for a living.

I have enjoyed living and working as a full-time painter in New York City for over 15 years. 

I feel everyone is creative, I can see it in the clothes people choose, the way homes are decorated and I paint in order to inspire people to unlock their creativity. I wake up seven days a week and go into my studio excited to created new works and inspire people in new ways through hand painted works on paper, jewelry, shirts, scarves and even wine. 

My work largely concentrates on the ‘singular’ –an animal, a flower, a building, an object – where the noise of a detailed background or other subject matter has been removed.

I like to leave room for the viewer and prefer not to attach images to a higher power, place or time. I prefer the painting to be about one ‘thing’ … it’s a restraint, or constraint or a rule, let’s say, and within those boundaries the image takes on a different or greater meaning, even." 

- Artist, Jason Oliva

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