Thanks so much for your support in making Dinner of Note 2018 a fabulous success! Save the date for next year's event Burlesque: A Bedazzling Peep Show on Saturday, September 28, 2019 at Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland.

M Y T H I C A L   O D Y S S E Y

S A T U R D A Y ,  S E P T E M B E R  2 2 .   2 0 1 8  A . D .

A R V E S T   B A N K   T H E A T R E   A T   T H E   M I D L A N D


6:00 p.m.                         7:30 p.m.                           9:30 p.m.                    10:00 p.m.
Ambrosia Cocktails           Feast on Olympus                Mythical Odyssey         Hades Underworld 
Silent Auction                   Live Auction                       Entertainment             Dancing




This year's epic theme will dazzle and mesmerize as we re-imagine many
favorite characters from classic Greek mythology. Man had long forgotten the unrelenting
powers of the Gods and Goddesses that ruled the ancient world but for one night,
Zeus, Poseidon and Hades — the immortal brothers of Mount Olympus — return to rule
over the night's festivities and entertainment for Dinner of Note.


Guests begin the evening toasting ambrosia cocktails while bidding on desirable auction
items and mingling among Greek muses, a sexy satyr and other fantasy surprises.
The main theatre transports guests to Zeus's palace adorned with divine immortals holding court
as guests enjoy wine service and a gourmet dinner crafted by the culinary talents of Brancatos.


Following dinner and the live auction portion of the evening, the divine Gods – Zeus,
Poseidon and Hades – perform emotional arias and musical numbers while the skillful aerial artistry
of KC Aerial Arts fill the stage with heroic flights of fancy that will defy gravity
and take your breath away.


Cool clouds turn to red hot lava as the mood of the theatre shifts away from the heavens
and begins a steady descent into the Underworld. Hades, God of the Underworld,
hosts the evening's finale with dancing among the Olympians. Move to the pulsing beats
of DJ spun hits until the magic hour of midnight renders shut the portal
between the ancient and modern worlds.

Experience an unforgettable evening created exclusively for you,
our supporters of The Heartland Men's Chorus, and celebrate a Mythical Odyssey
like none you've ever experienced in this mortal lifetime.