Dewees Island Arts Council

Sculptor Tom Player
Opening Friday May 25, 2018
5:30 PM

The Huyler House, Dewees Island, SC

While the Dewees Arts Council is happy to showcase local artist talent, it is a stretch to pigeonhole Tom Player that way. Yes, he grew up in Orangeburg, S.C.; yes, he spent many of his young days on the barrier islands of South Carolina, and yes, yes, he has installed five large bronze works at Grace Episcopal Cathedral in Charleston. He is the winner of the coveted Shutze Award from the Institute of Architect and Art for his bronze reliefs. He has also won two Memorial Awards from The American Artist Professional League.

Player brings us seventeen vastly different creations ranging from his epic bronze of St. George Slaying the Dragon to a whimsical paper mache pelican. However, each of his works have one thing in common: a good story.

Player’s 28” bronze rendition of Joe Riley has never been offered for sale. Of the piece, Player says, “I hope I have done justice to Mayor Riley. Did I capture his humility, decency and humor? I hope so.”

Two other pieces being offered are certainly worth mentioning. First, the epic St. George Slaying the Dragon, which was first commissioned to be displayed in the Armor & Cavalry Museum associated with the Infantry Museum, Ft. Benning, Georgia. St. Martin is the patron saint of armor.

Second, Kings Tree Trials depicting the finish of a quarter horse race on McCutchen Farms, near Kingstree, S.C.