Namaste - Awaken Wellness

Namaste - Awaken Wellness

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Get beach body ready and bring wellness to your soul with this yoga package.  Included:
  • 30-days unlimited yoga valued at Awaken Wellness
  • Yoga mat with carrying straps
  • Camelbak water bottle to keep you hydrated
About Awaken Wellness:
As husband and wife, we began moving forward into the dream of Awaken Wellness after a fire had all but destroyed Jennifer’s thriving acupuncture practice. After the ashes and embers of the fire had settled, Jennifer resumed her practice from home for several months while moving forward with Brian creating the vision of Columbia’s first wellness center.

Awaken Wellness exists for the community, a center for the art of healing and for clients and practitioners to create new possibilities for themselves and their lives.  We believe in the capacity that everyone has to heal and the power of being in community. Awaken Wellness is the place for people to come home to.

Awaken Wellness' Mission:
Assisting our Community in Awakening to the Fullest Possibilities of Life

Awaken Wellness assists our community in awakening to their body’s capacity to heal through the use of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, therapeutic bodywork, yoga and wellness classes.

Offering compassion and respect for all.

Awaken Wellness provides an environment for practitioners of the healing arts to move into their dreams of an ideal practice, working with their ideal client population, in a supportive community of healers.
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