J. McLaughlin Cashmere Reversible Fringe Wrap

J. McLaughlin Cashmere Reversible Fringe Wrap

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Special Note: Actual auction item is two shades of sky blue, NOT navy as depicted in the image.

This beautiful and cozy wrap is the perfect addition to your spring or fall wardrobe. Plus it is reversible giving it even more versatility.  You SAVE money with this 2 for 1 deal! 

Resonating with a traditional yet discerning client, the J.McLaughlin look can be described as innovatively nostalgic. The fashion impact is two-fold: world-class quality silks, sporty cottons and cashmeres alongside tongue-in-chic martini-glass embroidered Bermudas, feather minis and statement-making hybrid prints like “Trellis Flora” and “Zebra Chain Link”. The print of a best-selling shawl reverses from Equestrian to cheetah. Superior design, but never a dull moment.

About J.McLaughlin: 1977 was a banner year for American ingenuity. George Lucas premiered Star Wars, Steven Jobs incorporated Apple, Ted Turner’s boat Courageous swept the America’s Cup and brothers Kevin and Jay McLaughlin opened their first shop selling classic clothes with current relevance. 
Their collections, whose sunny palette and cheeky details, include ready to wear and accessories for men and women. 

The first J.McLaughlin, located in an Ivy League enclave on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, was a well-bred kind of place with a welcoming, faded-paint, cozy chair feel. Today, with over 100 stores and a thriving 
e-commerce business, J.McLaughlin celebrates their continued success as uber-classic American clothiers and one of the country’s last great first-name-basis retailers.
Donated By: Christa Cooper
Actual auction item is two shades of sky blue, NOT navy as depicted in the image.