You may ask yourself, how did Camp Good Days, an organization dedicated to helping children and families with a cancer diagnosis, get so much wine?

Well...18 years ago Gary Mervis was approached by a group of dedicated supporters about creating a fundraiser for Camp Good Days that also celebrated the region that the camp was located in: the Finger Lakes.  It was an up-and-coming wine region, that got little respect outside of New York State.  So they thought, why not bring the best of the wine world to our region, show off what we can produce, and generate some national and international buzz about this great organization?  And the Finger Lakes International Wine Competition was born.

In the beginning, roughly 800 wines were entered into competition.  This past year (MARCH 2017), we had our most successful competition to date: 3,077 wines were entered from 621 wineries.  Those wineries were in 47 US states, 6 Canadian Provinces, and 16 countries total.  Not only is the amount of wine we receive impressive, but so are our judges.  Fifty-two (52) judges from 8 different countries compromise our judging staff.  We have Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, educators, enologists, some more sommeliers, winemakers, importers, retailers, restaurateurs and many more areas of the industry!

Each wine is judged on its own merit, not against the wines in the flight.  Wines are also judged at how they are presented in that moment, not its potential lasting ability for the future.  These wines are blind judged by the professionals, and the glasses are all coded in a separate room to keep the judging completely anonymous.

We have special award categories for the competition including: the John Rose Award for the top Riesling, the Crystal Grape Award, for the top Ice Wine, and Best-In-Class awards for the top Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Fruit Wine and Champagne/Sparkling.  We also award medals in double-gold, gold, silver and bronze.

Our 18th Annual Camp Good Days Wine Auction Dinner is the best place to get to try a lot of the wines entered into competition.  We only serve double-gold and gold medal wines at dinner!

If you are a professional winemaker, winery owner, marketing director or involved in commercial wine sales in any way, please find more information or consider entering our competition here: WWW.FLIWC-CGD.COM