The Carver Foundation of Norwalk is committed to ensuring that equitable access and opportunities are at the forefront of our many collaborations and our pursuit of collective responsibility. We hold ourselves accountable to secure an excellent education for current and future Norwalk students through Carver’s three areas of focus: after school, summer, and community. 

This dedication has led Carver to become the largest provider of after school programs for middle and high school students in Norwalk. Since 2005, 100% of Carver seniors have graduated high school on time and nearly all become first generation college students. 

Our Programs
Carver’s Youth Development Program is conducted in the Carver Community Center, Norwalk’s four middle and two high schools, and in Side by Side Charter School. Most recently, Carver initiated a new after school program for 5th graders at Brookside and Tracey Elementary Schools in the 2017-18 academic year.

Carver also has a K-5 after school program at its Community Center called CASPER that offers intensive project-based learning in science, literacy and math.  

Summer programs includes Summer Enrichment (5-13 year-old students at the Carver Community Center and Columbus Magnet School); Freshman Summer Success Academies for graduated 8th-grade students transitioning into 9th grade at Norwalk and Brien McMahon High Schools; and Summer Middle School Transition for 5th-grade students transitioning into two middle schools (goal for summer 2018 is all four middle schools).

Carver Community programs includes college scholarships; parent leadership; health and wellness programs; spring and fall college tours; food drives; community holiday events and more for the benefit of the Norwalk community.

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