Mothers' Day Appeal

Your Mom took on the world to protect and keep you safe, cried and prayed over you at night, sought care when you were sick, and agonized over how to empower and prepare you ... 

More than 3 million Moms of children with seizures do that too -- ceaselessly, every moment of every day and more. 
But they often feel alone. 

So, please consider a give-back gift of Care and Cure this Mothers' Day.

Give a gift of "Care for Moms" and "Cure for Children."

Here's how. 

Rally others who love your Mom and make a donation that sponsors a Care and Cure Fellowship in the name of your Mom. Together with others, you can help train Epilepsy Specialists who will be the "best physician friends" to over 3 million Moms of children with epilepsy in the USA. Or, your gift can provide rest and relief and tender loving care for an overburdened Mom of a child with seizures.

Donate here in honor of all Moms in the fight to End Epilepsy.