With the changing healthcare landscape and increasingly limited access to specialty care, the Care and Cure Benefit is more crucial than ever in providing funds to support our fight to End Epilepsy. There continues to be a shortage of doctors in this field. Your generosity supports the funding of pediatric doctors who specifically care for children and research cures for children facing Epilepsy in Southern California to improve their quality of life.

Epilepsy is the most common serious brain disease worldwide with no age, racial, social class, national nor geographic boundaries.

• About 65 million people in the world are affected by epilepsy, about 3.4 million in the USA, and 160,000 in our region.
• More people live with epilepsy than those with autism, Parkinson’s disease, MS and cerebral palsy combined. Yet, federal funding for epilepsy research is about $2 per person affected -- nowhere near the federal funding for these other disorders which range from $65 to $1,147 per person affected.
• About 50% of cases begin in infancy, childhood 
and adolescence.
• 1 in 26 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy in their lifetime, and 2 million new cases occur each year.
• Up to 50,000 people in the USA die of seizures and seizure-related causes each year.

Continuing to build on the success of Care and Cure here in greater Los Angeles while expanding to more markets:

• Miami, FL and Orange County, CA will be our first new Care and Cure regions
• Greater Los Angeles Care and Cure now stands at 26 fellows and counting
• We remain the largest affiliate sponsor of epilepsy research
• We assist over 10,000 families in our region through care, advocacy, awareness 
and education
• Our annual Walk to End Epilepsy and End Epilepsy Summit reach over 5,000 in our community with support, information and resources and a platform for action.

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