Donate to Theatre Charlotte's Stage Makeover

Donate to Theatre Charlotte's Stage Makeover

Amplify our productions with brighter, more colorful lights and a crisp, clear sound upgrade.

This stage makeover will allow Theatre Charlotte to purchase new LED lighting equipment and upgrade our sound equipment.

The LED lighting will make our sets more realistic, the colors more vibrant, and mood more vivid. We will focus on adding both versatile lighting equipment as well as lights that are designed to work on our “cyc” (the white fabric at the back of the stage) which is used to establish mood, time of day, and location.

Our sound upgrade will include new house speakers and overhead microphones. The speakers will make all of our shows sound more crisp and clear. The overhead microphones will add that touch of amplification when it is needed most. We will be able to use these for big cast musicals when we are unable to mic each cast member individually as well as on those quieter straight plays when the actors need a boost.

Smaller touches include a new cyc to replace our current aging (and ripped) one and a new stage floor to replace the warped, squeaky, bumpy, and totally worn down one that our actors are currently navigating around while hoping not to trip or make any embarrassing sounds!

AMPLIFY the Broadway Ball by making a 100% tax deductible donation to support Theatre Charlotte.
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