Each year, Bresee hosts a formal Gala event to raise funds to support programs for low-income residents of Central Los Angeles, in particular raising scholarship funds to allow disadvantaged youth to access a college education. Beyond raising money, the annual Gala brings Bresee’s community of youth, families, staff, and community supporters together to celebrate the success stories of Bresee’s clients.

Over the past decade:

  • Awarded over $600,000 in college scholarships to 156 alumni
  • Assisted over 4,000 students with college prep, tours, SAT and FAFSA classes
  • Provided career-readiness and employed over 667 youth in local businesses
  • Hosted nine annual Youth Film Festivals on Social Justice
  • Offered over $238,000 in emergency family assistance since 2010
  • Through mentoring and case management, become a second home to over 14,000 youth and family members.

“Bresee has confirmed that Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Football Club will be our main honoree for the evening, highlighting our partnership through Bresee’s LAFC Youth Leadership Program.”