​“I [❤] ️ DC” - Ms. Leary's Class Art Project #3 THE MAP half size 15" x 21” (unframed)

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“I [❤] ️ DC”

I ❤ DC” - Ms. Leary's Class Art Project #3- “The Map" half size
The best Map of DC you've ever had: a professional print, unframed, 15" x 21”.

Ms. Leary’s fourth graders created a beautiful collaged map of the city we love to call home. The map takes us on a personal tour through all the highlights of DC and Capitol Hill: everything including famous monuments, hidden gems, parks, schools, restaurants, special houses, and a few places only the heart of a kid could find. The map was created by scanning in the kids’ original drawings.

15" x 21” (unframed)