The Umbrella's Special Appeal

The Umbrella's Special Appeal

To give you a glimpse of the range of The Umbrella’s programs this year, we’ve put together a short video montage. When we say we are “On the Move”, we mean it literally – from moving the theater and education programs to a temporary location at The Umbrella Annex; to moving studios, offices, and an elevator at 40 Stow St. and 49 Sudbury Rd. And at the same time, we are “On the Move” creatively – maintaining the excellence of our programming and positioning us for the move into the new building in 2019.

Tonight we’re celebrating what is happening now, during this period of transition. Despite the challenges of moves and multiple locations, we have continued to offer excellent programming and activities.

As you might imagine, this transitional year has added operating costs as well as moving and logistical headaches. But those challenges have also given us the chance to find new ways to engage with our community and each other, coordinate our programming, and collaborate. 

For our Special Appeal this evening, we hope you will consider making a gift to help cover those costs.

Thank you for support the arts and The Umbrella!
Amount raised: $23195