eARTh – jewelry from space by astro Nicole Stott

eARTh – jewelry from space by astro Nicole Stott

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‘Flight Home’ by Astronaut Nicole Stott

This original piece of jewelry is inspired by a photo taken by Nicole’s International Space Station (ISS) crewmate Jeff Williams during the departure of the Space Shuttle on Nicole’s flight home after 3 months living and working on the ISS.
This silhouetted shot of the Space Shuttle Atlantis is the one picture that reminds Nicole most of what it was like to be in space.  The colors of sunset, knowing that while all looks still that she was travelling at 17,500 mph, and that she was onboard that beautiful spacecraft together with her 5 crewmates on their way home to their families after an amazing adventure in space.

The pendant is an original painting set into the silver piece. 

A veteran NASA Astronaut, her experience includes two spaceflights and 104 days spent living and working in space on both the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. She performed one spacewalk, was the first person to fly the robotic arm to capture the free flying HTV cargo vehicle, was the last crew member to fly to and from their ISS mission on a Space Shuttle, and she was a member of the crew of the final flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery, STS-133.  A personal highlight of Nicole’s spaceflight was painting the first watercolor in space.
Donated By: Nicole Stott
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