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This limited edition (1/50) Mars MOVA® Globe has been signed by Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin. It has a three-pronged acrylic base has been branded with the Buzz Aldrin and Destination Mars logos. These featured as table centre pieces at the 2017 Apollo Celebration Gala.

There are only 50 of these on this particular planet! Buzz Aldrin rarely signs items these days, so these highly desirable items will become forever more collectible. A certificate of authenticity will accompany this lot. 

MOVA® Creations combine beautiful aesthetics and precision technology to create unique, eco-friendly ornaments. Channeling energy from ambient light and the earth’s magnetic field, the hand-assembled globes rotate continuously on their own using a hidden motion mechanism.

Known as the Red Planet, Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, its reddish-brown color caused by rust on the surface. The Mars MOVA® Globe is a striking representation of the magnificent planet, complete with its craterous landscape and range of golden brown and red hues. 
MOVA® produces a wide selection of globes – from the moon to Venus or Neptune – perfect for an unusual gift or as eye-catching decoration for your own home.  
Donated By: Mova International
Proceeds for this lot benefit the ShareSpace Foundation.

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