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Art donated by the artist, Michael Collins. Framing donated by Novaspace.com LLC, the exclusive source for original watercolors and limited edition gicless from Apollo 11/Gemini 10 Astronaut Michael Collins. 

Michael Collins' watercolors embrace the things he holds most dear: Landscapes of his Florida Everglades home, and places he has visited on family vacations; the fish and wildlife native to Florida, and airplanes and jets he flew as a test pilot.

Rarely does he paint anything space-related. 

During his trip to the moon, he saw the colorless, battered surface beneath him, and returned home with a deep appreciation of Earth, its color and wildlife, and its special place in the universe.

Until most recently, he signed his watercolors with a printed, anonymous "M. Collins" preferring not to have his famous signature compete with his work, and raise the price, just because he signed it. He has recently given in to public demand, however. Now if we can just get him to paint space art...
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