How do I bid with my phone?
You will receive a text message when bidding opens.
To go to your own personal bidding center, click on link in the text message. 

Want to share a bidding account with your spouse? 
Simply add another cell phone number upon event check in.

In your bidding center, you have these choices:
View All:  See all auction items. We will be adding new items throughout the day.

Categories: Browse items by category.

My Items: Items you have bid on or are “watching.”

Items without bids: List all items that don't have a bid.

Item # or Keyword: Enter the item name or number and hit GO! which will take you to the item page to place a bid. At the auction, each item will have a name and item number.  

Menu: Brings you to the auction homepage and out of the bidding center.

How do I place a bid?
Bid: Automatically enters the next minimum bid amount; you will be asked by pop-up screen to confirm your bid.
Change bid amount: You can manually enter any amount that is greater than the “next bid.”
Set Maximum Bid: Allows you to set the maximum you will bid on an item so you don’t risk getting outbid at the last minute.
Watch item: Adds items to your “My Items” list for easy reference later.

Need help? Find someone at the check in desk to assist you.