Breakthrough is a global human rights organization, based in the U.S. and India, working to drive the culture change we need to make gender-based violence unacceptable. We use media, arts, and tech to reach people where they are and inspire them to take bold action for dignity, equality, and justice.

Breakthrough in India focuses on the issues of domestic violence, early marriage, gender-biased sex selection, and sexual harassment. Utilizing provocative and engaging campaigns such as #MyDadMyAlly, #AskingForIt, and #BeMyStrength, we have reached hundreds of thousands of India’s youth and plans to expand these programs to reach more than 1.5 million by 2022.

Breakthrough in the U.S. works to change harmful gender norms through the power of storytelling and activating young people to take on a wide range of gender-based violence (GBV) issues. From the #BathroomRevolution to #LetsPictureConsent, Breakthrough’s pilot campus programs have activated 35 students across 24 campuses to take action, engaging over 57,000 currently enrolled college students. Our digital campaigns have garnered over 48 million impressions, with Facebook recognizing Breakthrough as a leading organization using social media for change.

Globally, our interactive multimedia platform, THE G WORD, harnesses the power of storytelling to illuminate and shift the cultural and gender norms that underpin GBV and has reached more than 1.2 million worldwide.